Exercise And Weight Loss

Exercise And Weight Loss

Losing weight is a major concern these days, especially among women. Statistics show that a number of women are obese, and most of these are pregnant women. Women need to know the facts about losing weight and exercise, so that they can successfully lose weight and keep it off in the long run.

Research studies have shown that low-intensity cardio exercises like aerobics help you lose weight in the first two weeks. When a team of such studies was conducted on the issue of weight loss and cardio, researchers discovered that, in general, cardio done for only two weeks led to only small weight loss. However, when people began to do low-intensity cardio and gradually lose some amount of weight, they soon noticed a significant difference in their weight loss progress. The conclusion of these studies showed that weight loss and cardio did for at least twenty minutes daily leads to weight loss of up to ten pounds in a week.

Losing Weight While Exercising

Exercise Will Dramatically Increase Your Weight Loss

Weight loss can be achieved by doing low intensity cardiovascular exercises like swimming, jogging, cycling and aerobic dance. It is important to remember that cardio is done with short duration and you need to focus on speed and efficiency in order to achieve the best results. To lose weight quickly, you can do bursts of high intensity activities for as little as thirty seconds at a time. For example, to complete an intense cycling session would be done by running at a speed of three kilometers per hour or at an average rate of fifteen kilometers per hour.

Aerobic dance like ballroom dancing, hip hop dance and break dancing is another good way to burn calories. For aerobic dance, the recommended interval between exercise intervals is one minute, thirty seconds to one minute and a half. The best way to complete these intervals is to focus on a full range of both the aerobic and the anaerobic muscle groups without pausing for a rest period of more than fifteen seconds. Doing this would allow for maximum efficiency in burning calories and reducing fats.

Weight loss can also be achieved by weight loss diet programs. An individual should make a decision regarding the type of exercise that would be best suited for them. This can involve a combination of diet and fitness programs. A good example of a weight loss diet program would be a high protein and low calorie diet combined with regular exercise. Another important factor to consider when choosing a weight loss diet plan is the foods that you eat. Eating foods rich in protein, low in carbohydrates, low in fat and sugar is a good way to lose weight.

The last category involves sports and games. These can include golf, tennis, running, basketball and softball among many others. The intensity and the types of exercise involved depend on the type of sport. However, it should be noted that all these sports require physical exertion. In some cases, weight loss can also be achieved by engaging in certain forms of exercise.

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